There are over 250,000 children in the United States that live in a home with a service member or veteran that has sustained injuries or wounds as a result of their service.  While we have made great strides in helping our veterans, we have done little to provide continuous support to these children who are many times acting as caregivers for their parent or guardian.  While at first glance, you may not see the impact on these children; studies have shown us they are more likely to have behavior problems, poor school performance, difficulty keeping or maintaining friendships, poor mental health and have a large tendency to internalize their thoughts and feelings which can lead to greater problems such as depression.   Third Star Foundation has been created to help these children and bring a direct impact to their life.  We want to be able to place a stake in the ground and let these children know that from this point forward they are not alone in their daily struggle.  We are one of the few organizations helping this population and the only organization that provides continuous, year-round support through peer to peer support groups.  Through this continuous support, Third Star Foundation hopes to improve the resiliency and over all well being of these children and allow them to start dreaming big again.  In order to accomplish this, we need your help.   Currently, we are providing workshops Jacksonville, NC and Fayetteville, NC for children ages 10- 13 that meet the guidelines outlined above.  These workshops provide resiliency tools to both the children and parents in the workshop. Our workshops strive to build a strong family units and provide healthy spaces for children to express their emotions and feelings.  

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We currently have workshops in two locations in Eastern NC.
Fort Bragg- Fayetteville, NC
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Camp Lejeune- Jacksonville, NC
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Amy Taft

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Adrianne Huls

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